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ONEforONE is a social enterprise in The Netherlands that sells water bottles, health insurances a
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The purpose of the Teaching in Action Program is to provide the venue for Tanzanian teachers to m
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There are hundreds of millions of children unable to get a quality education.
Emmanuel Kallonga is educating Tanzanian citizens about laws and public policies that affect thei
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Yared Fubusa's Gombe School of Environment and Society is improving conditions for people an
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Starting in northwestern Tanzania, Joseph Sekiku is improving economic possibilities for small-sc
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Landmines continue to destroy millions of lives years after.
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Starting in Maasai land, Moringe is restructuring formal "indigenous" education systems
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A Maasai who grew up in northern Tanzania, Martin Saningo Kariongi is enabling an economic and so
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An appropriate technology challenge for students in the UK and Tanzania to learn, make and share
We believe education as a basic human right, and that literacy open the door to a life of learni
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We'll sell affordable greenhouses,automated drip kits and solar powered sensors.In the next decad
Gradian is a nonprofit social enterprise that equips hospitals to deliver anaesthetia safely, ena
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We are an entrepreneurship platform offering inspiration and experiential learning to individuals
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Nlab works to build an ICT competitive, creative and innovative young generation in Tanzania by i
Apps and Girls provides quality coding and entrepreneurship skills to girls aged 10-18 , organiz
Cross cultural collaboration between businesses, communities & educational institutions to im
Someone I look up to said "Do you want to create your own wave or surfboard on someone else's?" G
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We create a business model in order to build a filter out of local materials, such as clay and us
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Thought Collective is an ethical fashion company employing and empowering women.