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We are training caregivers in charge of children and youth at the orphanages and assistance cente
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Glint4life is a for-profit social enterprise, totally privately funded with investors expecting
Activating empathy through the art of drama, developing theater-like performing moments during wh
Activación de empatía mediante teatro, desarrollando momentos interpretativos donde el niño se en
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An educational campaign designed to advance kid´s self-confidence, social awareness and creativit
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Ofrece la posibilidad de disponer de una Revista Electrónica Escolar, para uso del Alumnado, del
The Use Cooperative Models (MCU) are aimed at social transformation through the habitat access ba
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SVNK es una Plataforma de Servicios Gestión Urbana, que posibilita nuevos modelos de desarrollo c
DINA'M es una plataforma para el diálogo económico entre productores y consumidores.
Creemos y sentimos que el cambio del mundo se produce a través del cambio interior,que en el proc
Project intended to create a place where people can learn and share the knowledge about how to ge
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Smileat is a new brand of organic baby food.
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The Project pretends to promote the well-being of hospitalized children that undergo surgery, min
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If you had the chance, would you create a social profile for your HOME.
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-Atención paliativa pediátrica domiciliaria.