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Desde el Foro de Moda Etica Latinoamerica y la ONG Hecho x Nosotros buscamos crear un espacio de
PROFIT INCREASES caring for the environment.
HIDBHSP is youth founded project that aims to experiment & disseminate domestic biogas instal
Proyecto de energia renovable, capaz de elevar agua a grandes alturas y generacion de energia ele
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The MSCC is a unique product that allows people to charge their cell phone or other small devices
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MSCC secret is it's mobile capabilities that allow the owner/franchisee to go where the customer
Project beneficiaries for this project will be the community families that use the energy service
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Onsite educative programs with academic framework and hands on community designed activities.
We motivate consumers to save water heating energy and costs, formalizing a chain of contracts an
Desarrollar una ecoruta en la zona norte del Perú, compuesta por 6 diferentes Centros de Interpre
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Unión MicroFinanza (UMF) provides micro loans, technical and supply chain assistance to farmers i
Great Lakes Energy (GLE) distributes low-cost solar energy products, through local entrepreneurs