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Aseguramos el bienestar y el derecho a un ambiente comunitario próspero y sostenible desarrolland
El proyecto Granja Integral “Dejando Huella” busca la Resocialización de Militares Privados de la
Renewable energy solutions have existed for quite some time, the innovation does not rest on the
It is a machine capable of generating electricity from water, separating hydrogen from oxygen thr
Design and implementation of a sanitation system for the informal settlements in the city of Cali
PROFIT INCREASES caring for the environment.
We will provide communities the ability to manage in a safe, clean fashion their waste tires, whi
We can change our city's culture through the best weapon: Example.
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Deberde schools: is a comprehensive model of Corporate Social Responsibility project that faces i
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Conservation corridors are among the best strategies for saving biodiversity and improving human
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Upek‘s mission: Upgrade To Low Carbon Life, Replace Low Efficiency Light.
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El Semillero SIREA forma en investigación a niños(as), para desarrollo integral de emprendimient
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Promover la conciencia ambiental en los estudiantes del modelo pedagógico de Telesecundaria, de l
Aproximadamente 50 palabras restantes (400 caracteres).
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Empresa isleña prestadora de servicios ecoturisticos, marinos y terrestres, guiado por personal i
Los bosques tropicales son ecosistemas de gran riqueza biológica que paradójicamente albergan a l
My vision is to empower women from remote areas of Colombia by providing them with job opportunit