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En Venezuela, el DDHH al Ambiente Sano no ha recibido mucha atención, ya que por lo general se ve
The Preparing Global Leaders Institute (PGLI) is a premiere international educational program for
The idea is to have a device that will help find lost pets, children, elderly or people with a di
"Trabaja Mamá" is a virtual platform that understands the economic burden of Companies,
Plain Ink creates engaging comics, imagery and stories to communicate public health and other vit
EdPlaKo-MK is a tool helping companies to eliminate their gender pay gap.
En juin 2014, avec des partenaires, nous nous sommes interessés à la condition de vie des femmes
In many middle east countries, the number of women entering the higher education institutions are
Hand in Hand Afghanistan is in the business of beating poverty.
Enlightened leadership generates development, secures peace, and lays the foundations for global
In many MENA countries, the number of women entering the higher education institutions are increa
We use community theatre to raise awareness and empower adolescents on teenage pregnancy.
Empresa e-learning de capacitación en tecnología de la información.
Sabiduría como Oportunidad de Liberación creativa de las mujeres para la acción socio - productiv
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EMPATHY stimulates cross-cultural exchange amongst kids, enhancing international relations, creat
The program consists of seven core keys based on one’s own relationships with self, others and th
Organización sin fines de lucro, para la democratización de conocimiento.
The organisation “Izlez” has a project for restoring youth empathy.
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ARZU, which means “hope” in Dari, is an innovative model of social entrepreneurship that helps Af
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It is my wish to provide for employability opportunities in the formal market to young people wit