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Project focuses on introducing Green Concepts to Sri Lankans to create an Eco-cult era to make th
Today the fashion industry is imposing a system of environmental and labor exploitation to increa
At DiabetesLab we treat diabetes as a mathematical problem.
CANGIARI® garments are made of hand-loom fabrics, reproposing the heritage of Calabrian hand wove
Help a war-torn Sri Lankan community and get healthy at the same time!
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Silver Thread (Filo d’Argento) is a national toll free number that offers to the elderly companio
Arrange development pathways for impaired people on individual basis in order to be integrated wi
Lesser number of South Asian women is engaged in SMEs.
The overall goal is changing local lifestyle from destructive to constructive use of nature in a
The project is to inform school teachers to teach at students the right way to eat, sleep, do phy
the project includes actions involving elderly and young people in a mutual exchange of knowledge
Valorisation of INnovative Technologies for AGing in Europe is a project implemented with the sup
To help retirees and retired people projecting a new life and enable them to make proper choices
The project is aimed at home injuries prevention in elderly people reached through peer to peer c
the possibility of conducting a social activity within the pre-school (3-6 years) linking childre