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Los “CineMas" Comunitarios son centros de producción - que exhiben, difunden, forman y produ
El proyecto Granja Integral “Dejando Huella” busca la Resocialización de Militares Privados de la
El Medidor de vulnerabilidad de derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas en países extractivista
Recored decrease carbon dioxide generated by industries and companies compensating through recycl
Design and implementation of a sanitation system for the informal settlements in the city of Cali
To generate high impact, reducing extreme poverty, mitigating the informal settlements and promot
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We can change our city's culture through the best weapon: Example.
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Deberde schools: is a comprehensive model of Corporate Social Responsibility project that faces i
We want to stablish a recycling culture within our 2 Million people city.
We want to stablish a recycling culture within our 2 Million people city.
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Conservation corridors are among the best strategies for saving biodiversity and improving human
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"Tag2Learn is a sustainable innovation that is being developed within EducaLab-Living Lab, which
Empresa auto sostenible, dedicada a la Producción agrícola, Bajo un esquema de base ecológica, u
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We want co-create a map of those who participated in the social undertaking in Colombia, that all
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Queremos co-crear un mapa de quienes participamos en el emprendimiento social en Colombia, que no
En el mundo se utilizan muchos empaques no biodegradables que contaminan nuestras PLAYAS, BOSQUES
Durante el 2009 se realizo la asesoría y acompañamiento técnico al proyecto Sendero peatonal del