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Aboriginal Day Camp for Girls (Camp de jour pour les filles autochtones) est né de l’idée qu’en m
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Aboriginal Day Camp for Girls was started from an idea that by connecting girls to their culture
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Project Alianza builds a sustainable, community-based alliance to radically improve the quality o
Our goal is to provide children with the ability to participate in sport more safely on a daily b
We help vulnerable parents be able to raise their own kids.
CyberSafeBC.ca will provide videod-based information for BC youth to help them learn about the da
MADD Canada's School Assembly program saves lives and prevents injuries among Canadian youth in g
Provide secure housing and good food. Provide educational and play opportunities.
TCO² is a unique and innovative workshop designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children
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We are teaching kids to be social entrepreneurs - changing the world through their own mini busin
Supporting Aboriginal communities to define their own child welfare practice using traditional an
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To find safe, affordable housing on South Vancouver Island for at-risk youth in the most cost-eff
Island Sustainable Communities Association (ISCA)will be a broad based not for profit that works
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A project which connects Aboriginal/Metis girls who are in the foster care system to their own Ab
Applying the well known-Harlem KidZone -Place approach in the inner city where vulnerability defi
Multi-use supervised visitation centres, supporting court orders, children families and communiti
CAPAOC is an organization dedicated to providing youth with resources and encouragement to promot
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Service compatissant dont tous les jeunes du monde devraient avoir droit pour ensuite transmettre