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Moldova region communities faces high poverty, aging, youth emigration, lack of economic opportun
Infant & child mortality in Romania is 7 times higher than in the rest of EU.
Social enterprise „Proiect Mozaic” started as an answer to the need of a group of people that liv
The ReMind community project is dedicated to the development of user-orientated mental health ser
Our goal is to create sources of income for rural households, family farms and Roma groups by pro
Position containers for old clothes is a benefical project for a country like Romania.
Help children to understand the poor life of others giving them a online platform where intercat,
The Romano ButiQ" Association was created on April 18, 2011 in order to promote non-discriminatio
Partnerstvo za zdravlje develops innovative solutions to enhance the quality of Serbian health se
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Peepzee transforms the cultural exchange model into online engagement, social enterprise, and rur
We want to develop hospice care practices so that they became integrate into mainstream palliativ
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Innovative adaptation of classic media is equipping people with knowledge; eCommunity-a changemak
Social enterprise „Proiect Mozaic” started as an answer to the need of a group of people that liv
Imagine a world where women who beat the cancer do not face problems in finding a new job, which
peoples work for familyes the money from the show is splited
According to the Multiple indicators research for B&H in 2011/2012, in Federation of B&H