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Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
This is a game that values inclusion of students or individuals with physical disabilities below
This three year pilot project operated within BC Children's Hospital Division of Adolescent Healt
Our program is peer-centred and based on mutual interests, genuine connections, and authentic und
Skills building volunteer peer support for vulnerable persons with disabilities applying for prov
Provide person-centered employment supports to over-aged year students with disabilites in the Su
Self Advocates will engage with local citizens, formal/informal groups and municipalities in crea
This three year pilot project will provide: Guidance and Support for Youth with Disabilities or S
Pilot idea- TO develop a RDDSP (Registered Dvelopmental Disability Savings Plan) fully exempt fro
We will train up to 24 Canadians living w/ HIV to become a new generation of HIV+ leaders; Our pr
Our solution is to demythologize mental illness and addictions, returning their expressions and r
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Our social enterprise ends homelessness and unemployment by offering free culinary training and j
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L'Arche knows the transformative impact of relationships with people with intellectual disabiliti
Our mission is the create employment opportunities for individuals with disability.
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Sustaining change is about passion and empowerment.
We are committed to providing a safe, universally accessible playground that all children can enj
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Promoting the Sport of Dragon Boating to visually impaired individuals as a healthy, safe and fun