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Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
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Initiated in Minnesota, by caring adults who taught school children how to manage and do reading
This is a game that values inclusion of students or individuals with physical disabilities below
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Water the essence of life. Without it there is no life.
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Water the essence of life. Without it there is no life.
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Kijani Tecnology wants to bring renewable energy to every home on the planet.
Many indigenous communities here in Canada and around the world are struggling with the right to
We are striving to bring you fresh clean water where you need it.
The US alone consumes about 1500 water bottles per second.
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This three year pilot project operated within BC Children's Hospital Division of Adolescent Healt
Our program is peer-centred and based on mutual interests, genuine connections, and authentic und
Skills building volunteer peer support for vulnerable persons with disabilities applying for prov
Provide person-centered employment supports to over-aged year students with disabilites in the Su
Self Advocates will engage with local citizens, formal/informal groups and municipalities in crea
This three year pilot project will provide: Guidance and Support for Youth with Disabilities or S