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The project Boron aims to make the access to clean energy easier and satisfy the basic needs of h
GreenLoo provides a public health service: it is a portable dry toilet that targets rural areas t
"Safa" is a project that aims to build a sustainable activity of production and selling
Developing 100% renewable materials designed to minimize the toxicity of the fashion industry eff
OZ Media is an audiovisual production agency,based in Morocco.
Our company specializes in research and production of high end CNC grinding, which has the charac
Food spoilage is a real problem in developing countries.
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The citizen-journalist is the one who creates the materials for the site, which consists of video
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المواطن الصحفي هو من يصنع مواد الموقع المتكونة من الفيديو,الصور,الاخبار,ومقالات الرأي
Farm Life is a scalable urban farming business that 1) provides Beijing communities organic food