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Local peer-to-peer micro lending.
The UBC Social Enterprise Club is passionate about empowering students to use Social Enterprise t
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Our work at Community Micro Lending is to implement the very old-fashioned principle of neighbour
GridGiver is an online fundraising tool which enables small and medium non-profits and charities
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FundWeaver is an online platform weaving communities, people and organizations together to collab
sportsfunding.ca is an online sports crowdfunding website for all levels of Canadian athletes/tea
I would like to promote social and environmental responsibility.
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Vertical self standing hot houses having a continuous crop production cycle using low input resou
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To provide & distribute affordable nutritious frozen meals to the Squamish community and Sea
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Enhance financial well-being & create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for young peo
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KickLoans provides financial solutions (business training, microloans and savings) to the poorest
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Early Entrepreneurs educates students grades 4-12 on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, &
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YOLO – Show Your Flow rewards people for taking part in healthy activities with points they can s