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Gender-based violence against women is both a human rights as well as a public health concern, as
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Focusing on preventive health, sanitation and hygiene, the “Area Health Minders” are changing the
We use the power of play and games to build leadership of female workers in garment factories, ge
Pasand is a social enterprise that educates adolescents on personal health and wellness.
Trust+  is an healthcare oriented educational mobile app.
Trust+is an healthcare oriented educational mobile app.Trust + brings parents and kids toge
a multi-faceted, multi-medium network & ICT enabled platform to make the health services, exp
Delivering knowledge to the last mile.
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Twenty five thousand women are dying due to completely preventable cervical related problems.
To generate awareness and make comprehensive mental health care facility available, affordable an
Our mission is to work with marginalised Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs), seek justice and transfor
We aim to ensure rights to life and health of these populations through legal literacy; legal aid
To create access to affordable and quality family planning and comprehensive abortion care servic
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mDhil provides basic healthcare information to our users via text messaging, mobile web browser,
Mahila Panch is a women’s court comprising of 12- 15- rural tribal women farmers and laborers fro
Providing young Indian men with the foresight to treat women in their community with dign
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a) Kitchen garden & b)Rain Harvest are to be practiced among group.