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Jual sabuk pengaman boncengan sepeda motor anak online merk apro untuk balita dengan harga murah
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Parental Advisory Baby Clothing is a punk inspired baby clothing company who are providing poor c
Integrated Early Childhood Center for HIV Infected/ Affected Children and Their Family: one stop
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Kumpulan Emak2 Blogger (KEB) is a community that embodies the female bloggers in Indonesia to sha
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SOCA is a foundation with vision to educate Indonesian people especially in remote village by don
Lentera Anak Pelangi is a mitigation program for children living with HIV and AIDS in DKI Jakarta
Growth and Development Early Detection Toolkit, Enabling Mothers in Rural Areas to Monitor Child
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We are the only childhood cancer survivor group that focused in supporting cancer patients and th
Santiri is a foundation that serves community development to enhance the capacity and capability
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This is the work to combat against diarrhea incidences in eastern Indonesia.
Taman Posyandu is a model of holistic-integrated early childhood care service (including health,
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Tanoker Ledokombo is using Egrang (traditional stilt) as an entry point to introduce various valu
Taman Posyandu is a model of holistic-integrated early childhood care service (including health,
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Human growth when the baby is growing. Must be balanced with good nutritious food.