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Although stroke is perceived as occurring primarily among the elderly, it also strikes infants. F
Ecofirm is created to raise funds for reforestation projects worldwide.
At DiabetesLab we treat diabetes as a mathematical problem.
MEDinACTION is an on-demand house call medical service for travelers and expatriates that d
A social community that evaluate and rank health care services, both public and private.
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Centro Medico Santagostino is an innovative healthcare institution in Italy.
We help children with severe blood disorders in developing countries to gain access to adequate l
Multilingual and multiplatform publishing company devoted to patient medical education and to the
The project is intended to disseminate well-being practices involving the use of recent technical
With life expectancy growing,it becomes increasingly necessary for individuals to preserve their
Improve the access to halotherapy benefits to children and people with respiratory and dermatolog
The vision of the project is to improve psychiatric patients’ life by offering them a training pr
Vitaever project promotes home healthcare in order to offer, particularly to chronic patients, an
First aid for all people in an hospital , no waiting, fast response , safety aid, efficacious so
Design of adaptations for existing homes and a remote monitoring system for frail elderly users,
Development of a new multidimensional instrument to early detection of frailty in the elderly pop
The project aims to encourage a group of older people to talk about their life with the biograph
Non-pharmacological therapy to promote wellbeing , to prevent and reduce behavioral disorders in
We want to change the elderly lifestyle, psychology well-being and individual attitude toward phy