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Gifts Food Culture (GFC) was incorporated to produce groundnut paste for family and friends on a
Improper disposal of waste, in particular plastic waste, severely impedes everyday life in Ghana’
We provide a low-cost application for universities to offer e-learning curricula to those who do
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Farmshare, is a service which allows us, to support smallholder farmers, share production costs i
Project hope targets the training of young street girls who move from the less privileged norther
ABAN is addressing two social challenges with one solution!
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Productive Agriculture Linkages and Marketing Systems (P.A.L.M.S.) program pools appropriate tech
Ghana School Farms partners with disadvantage schools and local institutions to develop community
This campaign is to raise funds to pilot the Free Learning Resource for all in Ghana.
African Xpress Deliveries solves the problem of youth unemployment in under-served communities in
Food for All Ghana is a group that recovers food that would have gone wasted along our food sup
The slums in Ghana either had to illegal connect the national grade of electricity or has to depe
DISC is a social welfare intervention for people living with disability.
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The frontier of apparel manufacturing is moving to Africa.
Ignitia is the world’s first highly accurate tropical weather forecasting company.
YEVU believes that business can drive positive social change, empowering individuals and boosting
A & A Farms is a social enterprise that identifies peasant guinea fowl farmers, train them, p
Using competency based modules we train unemployed and unskilled youth with vocational and techni
Teaching children and youth to keep away from hard drugs, crime, sexual immorality, sexual transm