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Cheap and reliable diagnosis of diseases in rural areas, with lack of electricity or water, and i
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Elderly, terminally ill persons continue to face various challenges today at home.
It is a community based project focused on pharmacy and healthcare services provision,it is commi
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Mtoto Wetu Joy House imparts entrepreneurial skills to vulnerable youth/young mothers from slums
Rural Health Initiative main aim is to improve maternal and child health in the rural areas throu
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Teletext is a mobile technology service that is administered by COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION LINK KEN
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Working in partnership with Kenyan primary schools & local Ministries of Education and Agricu
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About 90% of Kiambu county populous lives below a dollar.
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The Access Afya Community Health Capacity Building initiative aims at achieving holistic health
ObiBee is a tech company with a niche in developing technologies that have positive social impact
ACE Africa aims to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on rural communities through the promotion of he
The Zuia Project aims to empower the women and youth of Ugenya through capacity building to impro
To scrap off the medical consultation fees and faster check of personal health to ease time and e
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The Community Land and Property Watchdog Group (WDG) Model is a collective grassroots approach to
Vestergaard Frandsen launched a groundbreaking pilot program, called CarePack™, to dramatically i
The idea is about commercializing Amaranth weed to provide nutrition for the rural population in