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Alice is transforming patriarchal social structures at the village level to enable women to becom
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In the midst of the civil war that has devastated northern Uganda for more than two decades, Mill
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Father Paul Okoth is curbing domestic abuse by implementing a series of male-focused psychologica
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Flavia Nabugere Munaaba is reforming the criminal justice system in Uganda to ensure defendants&#
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Atuki Turner is reducing gender violence by making it a community problem rather than private one
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Lillian Keene-Mugerwa promotes and defends labor rights in Uganda, placing particular emphasis on
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Integrity Labs empowers communities and organizations who seek justice by providing vital Digital
APP’s approach rests on a fundamental premise – the poor and marginalised overwhelmingly represen
To empower young people in hard to reach communities around lake victoria in Mukono and Buikwe di
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MyChild is used by nurses to register and follow up on every child to ensure they're protec
Shout out is Mobile game,SMSApp, WebAPP and message platform that informs, advocates yout
FullSoul equips hospitals in Uganda with medical supplies to protect the health and safety of mot
We offer youth with creative ICT designing, multimedia, enterprise development, life skills capac
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Young people are the future leaders of tomorrow and to guarantee a sustainable health future, cha
M-Tambula is a project that seeks to generate and make available information about health service
Through Youth Empowerment in Enterprise Development i have trained many youth and women in diffe
BioAfric is piloting in fruit peeling extracts to improve nutritional values, digestive system b
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Africa Young Positives is a regional network of young people living with HIV/AIDS, Its provides p
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Giving Hope Foundation (No.S.5914/9068)works with disadvantaged children
Mobi Drugs is a mobile based service that provides critical drug information to health care worke