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We provide complete renewable energy/ aggro export brokerage services including purchase contract
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We provide you with clean, reliable and cost-effective energy from natural sources.
Access to reliable electricity is difficult in Nigeria.
FM energy limited will be an energy bio-gas (bio-methane), animal waste and domestic waste for en
The reap hydro system is an electricity generating set that runs solely on the kinetic energy of
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Cooking, a major energy-consuming activity in Nigeria's households accounts for 91% of ener
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In EcoGreen Energy, We seek to promote the use and recognition of organic wastes as a valuable co
We solve the problem of indiscriminate waste disposal and open incineration in Abia state, Nigeri
Engage rural women for picking Cashew nut.
My team and I pick waste but recyclable Plastics and Aluminum containers from Dump sites for supp
The Passive House Prototype features affordable housing that uses 50 - 75% less energy than house
Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable resource that can be converted into heat and electrici
Nature Cares is a non- governmental organization promoting safe,clean and friendly environment vi
• Alleviating poverty by buying agro-biomass wastes and urban cellulose waste from poor income po
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The project background is to device green system using locally available low cost supply to redu
This initiative is meant to address the issue of the finance-gap in Small and Medium Enterprises
An ICT/energy R&D project to researches energy efficient ICT/Renewable Energy systems, and pr
We are a social enterprise because our organization is already assisting thousands of households
My initiative is to use posters, stickers, drawings and paintings to conscientize and sensitize m