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Our solution is moving advanced scientific methods from the lab-bench directly to the crops in or
Our web series is a youth led media production that features technology, innovation, climate chan
Online casinos for real money donate a part of the funds to human rights organizations
The Pink mushroom farm and shelter aids victims of domestic violence by providing jobs, work-skil
Daniell Institute of Learning is a forward-thinking, educational company that offers a dynamic &a
My goal is to leverage the Earth’s most abundant renewable energy source, the sun, to make develo
The TCEMP is a collaborative effort between CCC, ET, THA and the local community of Speyside to d
The lack of a breast unit in Cyprus, and the stigma surrounding breast cancer diagnosis, made it
Develop a mobile health information system for health care providers to unify patient data and de
The project reflects CIG’s commitment to the development of sustainable human livelihoods as vita
People from both communities listened to the same music and had fun at the same time, thus showin
Design and assess theory driven sport initiatives and provide evidence of the positive impact of
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GLF's goal is to democratize leadership/opportunities for youths through unique kinesthetic exper
Soular Sustainable Shipping uses a network of sailboats to transport locally grown & processe
Information is present in staggering amounts, problems are more complex and people are more disco
Alzfinder.com is a service that helps you track and reconnect with wandering Alzheimer's patients