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The Just Move It initiative (JMI) originated on the Navajo Nation in 1993 as a partnership betwee
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Let’s restore forgiveness to our vocabulary and to our lives.
Our mission is to create a world where everyone can live to their fullest potential.
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Seedstock takes an innovative approach to the problem: "How do we keep money ciruclating in the
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Net Tuesday brings together community leaders interested in the use of technology to bring about
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We are transforming the consumer-to-business feedback loop to demonstrate real-time value for Asi
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FundWeaver is an online platform weaving communities, people and organizations together to collab
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We provide resources and support services to professional single-parent families who desire to li
Defining Diversity: Creating Community shifts mindsets and sparks innovation by combining an educ
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MAKER: mak·er /ˈmākər/
Matching qualified and experienced employees, who are over the age of 50, with employers who unde
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An organization of businesses that collaborates to grow a green economy in British Columbia.
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Seedstock is Vancouver's first community currency: money that sticks around and goes 'round in ou
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The Star Raft is a vibrant, field-tested method for creating enduring personal support networks t
BYOBF connects South Asian women to like-minded women in a empowering, social environment while p
Connecting community and clients through technology and communication.
By connecting a network of parents who love kids, we can help share the burden of childcare, crea
I Share is a new signage campaign to promote sharing and offline social networking.