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An air ticket for jose / un pasaje aereo para jose
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En Venezuela, el DDHH al Ambiente Sano no ha recibido mucha atención, ya que por lo general se ve
"Trabaja Mamá" is a virtual platform that understands the economic burden of Companies,
A major problem in developing countries is not only the cost of hearing aids for hearing impaired
We use community theatre to raise awareness and empower adolescents on teenage pregnancy.
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Dintshang, Setswana for "What's Happening?", is a project presented by PING, a youth-led NGO in B
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Shilpa Sayura Global Primary uses ICT creatively to deliver global primary education with empathy
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Our vision is to live in a world without HIV and AIDS, that is also a main aim of the project.
Comunidad de Bien-estar es un espacio para el trabajo psicológico individual dirigido a mujeres e
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We want to build a ‘nutrition hub’, gathering Serbian experts in nutrition and public health, wor