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O Rei e Rainha do Mar é o maior festival de praia do Brasil.
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No projeto “Empoderamento de Mulheres: dar voz a mulheres em situação de risco social” promovemos
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<p>Dica: Este será o primeiro texto introdutório sobre este projeto que será visualizado po
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O Favela Orgânica veio para modificar a relação das pessoas com a natureza, com os alimentos e co
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O desafio do Instituto Tecnologia e Dignidade Humana é desenvolver mecanismos práticos para prote
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<p>Dica: Este será o primeiro texto introdutório sobre este projeto que será visualizado po
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O nosso projeto é de consultoria que desenvolve estudos de tempos (cronometragem), Balanceamentos
A ideia é abrir uma loja de roupa feminina com consultoria de moda para as clientes.
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HUGS is a volunteer high skilled professionals community who are taking care on women in need.
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- HUGS is a platform for women wellbeing, where they can find professionals, willing to donate pa
"Virada da Saúde" an opportunity to talk about health in an innovative way, without foc
The post-operative period of patients in Brazilian public health system are extremely poor in fac
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Our App for patients have integration with EHR’s in the Market and converts the informations of t
Piron is building new ways to improve healthcare assistance through the use of IoT and artificial
Remediación de efluentes textiles a través de tratamientos de bajo coste con biopolímeros reutili
Plataforma Saúde is a social impact business that uses mobile technologies to provide quality hea
Health illiterate people dont understand medical info and how to take meds, complicating their di
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The creation and implementation of an innovative unit, providing a free service to treat youth ob
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Heath & Wellness for Women in exchange for Hugs!
A major problem in developing countries is not only the cost of hearing aids for hearing impaired