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E-commerce & parcel delivery services are growing unbroken.
"Ready for Accessibility" is a long-lasting network of municipalities and enterprises who create
In response to the social challenges of our time "Zweite Sparkasse" was founded on 15th May 2006.
Career Moves is the first inclusive job platform in Europe which offers equal opportunities for p
Citizens should be involved in the topic of public budgets.
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Aim is to give elderly people also the possibility to make holidays in new, inspiring surrounding
The NSP-Solar Pump Station is especially designed for the sustainable development aid to pump wat
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OMV started a vocational training initiative in Tataouine to improve employability of local peopl
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The Libya Youth Center was initiated by OMV to offer the prospect of a more carefree future to ch
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What is travel2change?
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WADI is a measurement device which traces the progress of water disinfection in a PET bottle, the
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We support partners who want to found peace fleet projects in their country.
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Helioz aims to provide an affordable and efficient solar water disinfection tool for low-income h
Authentic video-interviews with professionals who describe their job for a better understanding.
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Imagine an innovation-stream where everyone could contribute and learn from experiences, ideas a
The Internet database www.gentle-tours.org
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The NSP Solar Pump is the world’s first "Do-It-Yourself" solar pump.