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To prevent harmful and disgraceful for being women in Indonesia,polygamy, gender issue,bullying b
Volunteering in formal school, developing empathy, creating agent of change.
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We are a Community Based Organization working to empower youth through alternative education to c
Project Citizen – Encouraging student to develop social initiative & skills to solve social p
Using traditional play to go glocal - preparing children to fit in global world without losing lo
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Multicultural Research Centre in a multicultural school that endeavours to encourage children and
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Outreach program that offers tutoring, mentoring and scholarships while also building self-confid
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"Mencerdaskan Generasi Papua Baru "
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A group of entrepreneurs, national, international and educational institutions, and Escalon colon
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Un grupo de empresarios,instituciones nacionales,internacionales,de educación y vecinos de la col
It is a model of conference which adopt the Indonesian parliament concept, and aimed for Indonesi
a located in the middle of a governance teak woods village, has a lot of traditional local art cu