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The Disposable Project is a volunteer-run social enterprise based on the photographs produced by
ProbonoWay is a social enterprise that aims to empower social change organizations by bringing bu
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You don't know why you listen to a song many times at day, there's a reason for that, music talk
The goal of KArt.com is to help connect professional and amateur artists to the international art
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Fair Trade pays artisans "the minimum to get by".
Our kitchen incubator project aims to encourage women to grow a culinary business and mitigate st
Created in 2007, INJAZ Al-Maghrib has been working to deliver a broad base of entrepreneurship tr
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The plastic bags polluting Moroccan landscapes are collected by the population, cleaned and broug
Commercialisation de produits agricoles biologiques produits par des femmes du monde rural..
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Mysportner is a social-sport app that aims to facilitate sport meetings between people having sam
l'idée de Chhiwat express est de préparer et commercialiser les plats traditionnels difficiles de
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The Youth Ventures program empowers disadvantaged and unemployed youth to create sustainable busi
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ABURY combines the desire for style and ethics, exclusiveness and sustainability in a unique and
La FJE cherche à apporter une réponse concrète à l’emploi des jeunes dans les zones rurales, grâc
DARE in a social entreprise; a coworking space, that offers collaboration, exchange and inspirati
Pour aider des enfants aux familles pauvres pour q'ils puissent continuer leurs études.
The citizen-journalist is the one who creates the materials for the site, which consists of video
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youth as impact of the change , by the sharing the succes story about the ground works