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We are providing a wide range of natural products which provide health's benefits.
VNGR in the ICU at Thanh Nhan Hospital will improve nurse knowledge and practice, patient outcome
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I create the job suitable for disabilities by enter to the market a natural products which are im
We address global health issues by working with our partner, The Center for Community Health Prom
The chance of becoming enslaved in the modern world is 1.8 per 1000 people.
Enable the poor families from ethnic minority group in Vietnam become entrepreneurs in providing
REACH offers a focused 3 month vocational training program for Vietnam’s most disadvantaged youth
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We wish to empower vulnerable communities through sustainable and responsible tourism development
A new venture is open to poor farmers in Xuan Thuy, when they collaborate to establish a mushroom
Rice is integral stable food in Vietnam.
Proposed project tries to present local Vietnamese medical students & practitioners the exist
Travelunteer‘s members are a group of students studying both inside and out of the country, who v
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CEFACOM seeks to prevent child sexual abuse through research and provides protection and support
Having an ideal food which can help prevent disease and treat some diseases with low cost is real