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A preservação do meio ambiente, a sustentabilidade do planeta e a importância da água no cotidian
O produto é um dispenser que coleta a água da máquina de lavar roupas para a reutilização, como l
O projeto Cine Ambiental: Educando para a Sustentabilidade, estimula a reflexão crítica utilizand
Que tal criar uma plataforma virtual para o Morro Grande, organizando e distribuindo informação s
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The LRUC project is not just about building water wells; it is about community involvement, insta
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Water Ecuador builds water centers in impoverished communities, sustainably supplying clean water
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Integración de sistemas de cultivo y refinación de biomasa para producción de bioenergéticos sust
Eco-Valve is a shower head attachment that reduces the average household’s indoor water consumpti
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My idea is using the rain falls in big cities and gathering and transferring them to lakes in par
Construir reservatórios de água, em pontos estratégicos elevados em altura de acordo com a topogr
When we open a tap\have a shower, do we notice or think what is the amount of water we are going
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The Urban mechanized borehole project for rural development is one initiative that will impact bo
La electro-válvula para los termo-tanques.
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Komodo WAI (Komodo Water) provides clean water with better quality and affordability for people i
Sound Water Venture (SWV) provides disadvantaged slum residents of south-western Nigeria with enh
The cause of Titanic accident is an iceberg but this title is just to draw attention.
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Arsenic is a major environmental pollutant and naturally occurs in deeper levels of groundwater.
Comercialización de agua, a partir de la extracción, tratamiento y transformación para el consumo