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We add value to spaces where the youths already play, perform arts, debate and come to see their
Futebol pela esperança (Soccer 4 Hope - S4H) visa atender à urgente necessidade de capacitar mulh
L´objectif de Soccer 4 Hope (S4H) est de répondre aux besoins urgents d´autonomisation des femmes
Soccer 4 Hope (S4H) tiene como objetivo atender la necesidad urgente de fortalecer a mujeres y ni
Addressing the Drivers of High Risk Behaviour i.e.
KELP is a new sustainable livelihoods initiative, aiming to create a fun product, has a low carbo
Soccer 4 Hope (S4H) aims to address the urgent need to empower women and girls, build their perso
loveLife runs the country's biggest mass participation sporting event, which has football at its
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The ABYD Football Program is a developmental program that uses football to empower youth to take
It is about managing change and leadership capacity development in young people as well as commun
Celebrate life is a merging of all Amy Biehl Foundation programmes, showcasing sport, music, gree
It's a soccer social network.
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LifeLine 2010 penalty challenge is a community competition or challenge that will involve members
To use e’Pap nutritional food supplements to transform malnourished children winners playing socc
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Earth Nation Wilderness Therapy is a social business designed to take on the issues youth face an
Set up elite soccer academies in juvenile prisons to impact prisoners holistically in their footb
Youngsters practicing the lessons the prisoners learned on Robbeneiland.
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