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basik 855 grew out of a chance encounter between two entrepreneurs (one American and one Cambodia
The computer system was designed for the computer novice and the non-English speaker.
Children flourish in school because their moms and big sisters are making 500 sets of school unif
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Since 1997, iDE has been a using a market-based approach to improve access to clean water, sanita
PEPY's Child-to-Child Clubs are a powerful, creative process for children to learn how to work to
We aim to impact millions of lives by transforming how the social sector innovates, learns, and i
@healthpoverty empowers indigenous people to improve the quality and availability of health servi
Supporting education, helping the environment, improving health, building community cohesion, and
We create sustainable access to health for child survivors of trauma in Cambodia.
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iDE’s stimulates the private sector to create demand for latrines and strengthens the ability of
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Mais de 80% dos cambojanos não têm latrina; subsídios reprimiram a demanda por banheiros, frearam
Civil Society Organizations (Local NGOs, HCMC members and representatives of the marginalized gro
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Over 80 % of Cambodians do not have a latrine; well-meaning subsidies have depressed demand for t
The first initiative of its kind in ASEAN and has revolutionized NGO cooperation, documentation a