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HerFloor is an all-in-one marketplace for women to buy and sell products or services, share exper
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Ormanevi Collective empowers young individuals to become a land entrepreneur based on regenerativ
The use of natural fibres is on the ascendency.
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Building Pioneers makes solid houses more affordable, eco-friendly and disaster resistant in deve
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Project focuses on introducing Green Concepts to Sri Lankans to create an Eco-cult era to make th
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Everyone knows that grateful feeling when we have food In our mouth;Everyone knows that food make
Light Fridge project increases the shelf life of fresh Produce in a cost effective way using gree
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TRINE eliminates energy poverty, using a crowdinvesting platform to finance profitable solar ener
ONganic is a social enterprise that improves livelihoods of small organic farmers and connects th
We are creating a tech solution that tracks the flow of organic cotton from the farmer to the mil
Through books, apps & cartoons we tell the story of ‘Detective Dot’, an 8 year old female cod
Natural fiber production and meat production can be integrated in an environmentally green manner
Warm Regards aims to create beautiful and stylish apparel using earth safe products.
Natural fiber production and meat production can be integrated in an environmentally green manner
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AfricaMetering: the major focus is on GREEN ENERGY, providing an online platform and applications
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Hacienda Tranquila is a local organization in the Galapagos that employs reforestation, organic a
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Aura replaces 8000 chemicals & protects 2000 liters of H2O used per conventional garment ,usi
The three generator is a device that takes advantage of various weather conditions to generate el
Renewable energy solutions have existed for quite some time, the innovation does not rest on the
The Haller Farmers App is an open source web based app helping farmers farm the unfarmable in Ken