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We empower youth from under-resourced areas of Rwanda and Boston through the sport of basketball
mingles cree que la mejor forma de practicar un idioma es conversando.
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Empowering local youth to take on tasks of quality management in micro and small NGOs in Latin Am
Lo que PSIBENSA plantea guarda una estrecha relación con los conceptos de Envejecimiento Activo y
PSIBENSA wants elederly happy, an idea related to the concept of Active Aging and Solidarity betw
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CuidaJobs: Busca, compara, valora y comparte un cuidador para tus enfermos.
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An educational campaign designed to advance kid´s self-confidence, social awareness and creativit
We are a small 501(c)3 pending organization working to improve the literacy situation in West Afr
We are a small 501(c)3 pending organization working to improve the literacy situation in West Afr
YOUTH BROAD BAND PUBLISHER by ADPC ltd helps youth boost their brain power in publishing their in
Duhange Project is an initiative which was initiated by Brain Technologies Ltd, in order to nurtu
The LoveWorks Synergy Project is “A designed beauty of synergy created only to add, never to subt
.HOLA FABIOLA, programa de alfabetización digital de mujeres inmigrantes
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AOMICAT: Caterin social mujeres migrantes en cataluña: Conoce, Aprende y Emprende con nosotras
Activating empathy through the art of drama, developing theater-like performing moments during wh
Un innovador estudio que optimiza los programas educativos que fomentan más y mejores agentes de
Activación de empatía mediante teatro, desarrollando momentos interpretativos donde el niño se en
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Never Again Rwanda promotes critical thinking for youth through Public Speaking, a fun method bui