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Fundraising platform for extreme poverty causes in Latin America.
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We are developing an interactive online platform which will help various actors in the fast fash
Project 99 develops inclusive leaders who can focus on the similarities of all people while lever
Virtū is a lifestyle brand born in Berlin with the purpose of disrupting the current fast fashion
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We are a sustainable textile hub, located in Zurich Switzerland.
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ImagineCargo is drastically reducing the emissions impact of small package deliveries.
Le pouvoir est vieux de 32ans au cameroun.
In 2013, I purchased a 2012 new freightliner classic with a c-15 acert engine from Axis Capital G
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CORDSAVINGS in Switzerland came up with a completely new business model in order to help the priv
Bee-Circle turns every single customer into reseller.
Palimé Dance est une association à but non lucratif et s’investit pour les enfants et les adolesc
Palimé Dance est une association à but non lucratif et s’investit pour les enfants et les adolesc
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Dedicated to inspiring & enabling individuals to volunteer abroad for free whilst maximising
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The WomenChangeMakers (WCM) Fellowship is a program of the Geneva-based philanthropic org
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Consiste en la creacion de una escuela ecologica de artesanias elaboradas con materiales reciclad
All of us can change our lives for the better. But how?
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Cette barre nutritive est destinée à toutes les personnes qui ont besoin de protéines manquantes