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«Ecotourism in Norway is enriching nature and cultural experiences,organised by responsible touri
We believe we have developed a dynamic football philosophy in the framework of social integration
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lyk-z & døtre as (hereafter referred to as lyk-z & daughters) mission is to assist youth
Drive for life is an adapted adventure and leisure service for children and adolescents who eithe
We have gathered school backpacks and other related educational materials (sport equipment, books
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Youth today needs more information than ever to stay interested and engaged.
According to the Multiple indicators research for B&H in 2011/2012, in Federation of B&H
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Tackling real needs for a fundamental change of paradigm in the field of senior work to reach the
“Aktivitetsdosetten” is changing the architecture of long-term care by positioning activity as a
The daily routine of sick, elderly people is often monotanous.