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We are trying to take our product to market and find other interested charities who could be inte
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I have created a database for all pupils studying in primary schools, This will need to be publis
Ffene is a business platform on which SMEs can carry out various business processes cheaply.
Maendeleo Foundation reaches out to communities and schools with up to date computer skills and i
Owino Internet is a social network facility aimed at providing affordable internet connection to
Guerrilla Lending is a new company based in Uganda that will be offering financialservices unique
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WMI’s village-level microfinance program offers loans, training and support for rural African wom
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I imagine my life as a young college graduate in Uganda.
PThor-mHealth project is based on the concept of pThor which is a health management and implement
Modificaciones en conductas, actitudes y prácticas para alcanzar un estilo de vida saludable con
Nearly half the world's population relies on traditional fuels for cooking, heating and lighting.
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Remove small industries disadvantages resulting inSocio Economic development through utilization
Attaining the Millennium Development goals through the use of football, sharing information on he
Agrupar a mujeres rurales tejedoras uruguayas bajo la marca común AMRU para comercializar tejido
Starting this year, myself with my students are organising to hold an annual music challenge , fo