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Although Egypt is well known as one of the best destinations for global tourism all over the worl
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ICES is a social and Profit enterprise for sustainable Renewable energy using Solar system to tre
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nasHope is a interactive social platform that bring Non-profit organization activities online and
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يعمل محمد أبو النجا على خلق فرص عمل مستدامة في القرى الريفية والمجتمعات في مصر من خلال إحياء صناع
Zomra Consulting propoes: "Women On Board" project
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In order to curb unemployment and reduce polution in rural Egypt, Mohamed Abou El Naga is trainin
La Fundacion STRO ha desarrollado un software libre, Cyclos, que permite el uso de cuentas virtua
In this zero waste management project the gasified rice husk waste of the
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Groundbreaking and institutionalizing independent free local media in Egypt, on of the cores of d
We aim to foster innovation in developing countries through using nanotechnology as a catalyst fo
My idea is exclusively the use the renewable biomass waste of the waste burned/gasified rice husk
GREEN ENERGY is opening a new era of superior affordable solar powered multifunction systems that
Agrupar a mujeres rurales tejedoras uruguayas bajo la marca común AMRU para comercializar tejido
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CORD is a productive science communication company.
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twinklebox will supply the fast growing African market with modern solar solution as cheap as ker
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CORD is a productive science communication company.
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Nafham is a free online K-12 educational video platform funded by advertising, Nafham is providin