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A healthy fast food restaurant for all different diet requirments .
Modificaciones en conductas, actitudes y prácticas para alcanzar un estilo de vida saludable con
Agrupar a mujeres rurales tejedoras uruguayas bajo la marca común AMRU para comercializar tejido
Para el pueblo uruguayo el número 33 evoca uno de los acontecimientos más importantes de nuestr
En conocimiento de la realización del Manual para la Promoción de Prácticas Saludables de Aliment
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Ireland should be a GMO-free biosafety reserve to safeguard Europe's biodiversity, food safety an
We plan to use a community oven to draw people together and educate them in the preparation of nu
Over 20 million people in the EU have speech and language difficulties such as Aphasia often afte
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Research shows that when children grow some of their own food, they gain a deeper understanding o
The Centre provides a facility two days per week for people who are socially isolated, to meet an