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Karisma Kidz is a multi-award-winning brand delivering positive social impact using digital games
A not-for-profit social enterprise selling alternative sustainable sanitary products in the UK an
Osusu Health breaks down barriers to accessing health care.
ViperMed is a patient tele-education platform that empowers our customers: hospitals, clinics, in
MiiHealth aims to enhance patient safety principally by transforming infection prevention and con
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The project will develop a replicable and sustainable solution to inadequate menstrual hygiene ma
Physicians from all over the world have been unsurprisingly alarmed on their dwindling number. 
The Sky Badger School Awards is a disability awareness programme for Primary Schools and communit
Afrelib is an education social enterprise working to improve reading and learning in African scho
Ingenious Instruments aims to design devices for healthcare diagnosis, scientific education and a
To expand worldwide a unique educational resource for the promotion of gender and culture free ac
We help ex-prisoners become self-employed.
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Tutudesk UK supports the South African organisation the Desmond Tutu 2015 Tutudesk Campaign Centr
MedLock saves lives and allows patients to use prescription drugs as intended in a safe, secure,
The need for accurate, timely data transfer to support health outcomes in the developing world is