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Implementar la sustentabilidad ambiental de manera práctica, en el ámbito educativo comunitario c
Rodrigo García leads the Organization for Cetacean Conservation (OCC), the first citizen organiza
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Aler Donadío fosters rural development by improving farming and fishing practices, offering an al
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Juan José Oña creatively engages community and youth groups in a comprehensive multi-media docume
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The company's goal is to expand agricultural ,Making health fun and tasty through production
Smart accessible recycle bins widely spread will allow customers to get back their deposit effici
Herbalism is a well known system of traditional/alternative medicine practiced throughout human h
By creating a kite with a flexible mast the user is able to position the construction sticks in v
Agrupar a mujeres rurales tejedoras uruguayas bajo la marca común AMRU para comercializar tejido
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Like the 'GreenButts' idea, the 'GBCG-Green Biodregradable Chewing Gum' is a concept biodregradab
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At IEETECH we developed Chipsafer, a platform that can track and early detect anomalies in cattle
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We suggest a whey processing for the mini dairies when it comes to treating whey, we deal with h
The solution of our company could save a lot of money worldwide using a very easy procedure and f