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On average, 300,000 Nigerians are in constant need of an artisan daily, but there is no dedicated
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The Wennovation Hub is a start-up business accelerator located in Ikeja, Lagos with a focus on in
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Organisations and businesses around the world are looking for effective ways to reduce staffing c
With the rapid growth in the digital space, a group of individuals have been spotted.
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We provide you with clean, reliable and cost-effective energy from natural sources.
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"One Year of Code" is a mobile computer lab that serves secondary schools in low-income
A platform that allows creative minds to build products ,connect with network of users and also a
Agro-Solute is a platform that would revitalize the agro sector, It provide farmers (rural &
Funds contributed by students while in school to various business cooperatives as shareholders, u
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The 3 greatest driving forces in life as seen in every face of life globally are: Desire, Passion
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InspireIT Dilapidated lab project aims to restore deteriorating science labs in Nigeria.
Development of Tarkwa Bay Island into a Beach Resort to foster the growth of Tourism in Lagos Sta
SaferMom leverages on the power of cost effective technologies to provide accessible,scalable and
Learning to code prepares kids for the world we live in today.
Prince Self-Powered Generator is an innovation from Prince Tech.
: In Nigeria, 25% of 150 million adults are conscious of their sugar intake.
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Independent Power Supply Engine (IPSE) is a self-sustained and self-generated electric power supp
Rebruit is a social job network that wants to tackle unemployment by allowing users create, find