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We are a Social Enterprise working with women to break the cycle of poverty at household level by
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Energy Poverty is pervasive in rural and slum communities of Chipata District, Provincial Capital
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The School Club Zambia is a Zambian Non-Governmental Organisation and UK Charity working in partn
The project will be located in any remote rural africa with fertile land although underutilized
To provide a cheaper energy alternative; contribute to job creation especially for women and yout
To provide a cheaper energy alternative; contribute to job creation especially for women and yout
The tannery will produce crocodile leather utilizing community oriented and socially beneficial b
FINCA DR Congo will increase financial inclusion by tapping into the underserved youth market thr
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L'accès aux sanitaires et à l'energie dans les quartiers défavorisés
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Eliminate rural poverty in one generation without going through the carbon economy.
Operation of a small-medium scale Fresh natural Spring Water Bottling plant under Public-Private
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Mobile technology, including everything from inventive applications for smart phones to simple te
There are 9.1 million people displaced by war in Africa, many of whom suffer from traumas they ex
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Asikana Network is great organisation which is different fromother organisations of similar platf
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The possibility of an absolute poverty free society is a living reality!
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Growing mountains of solid waste in Lusaka are a complex problem that impacts many lives.
The innovation is about value addition of smoked fish procured from rural communities and branded