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Every language teacher knows the power of Mindmaps and yet there is no language dictionary based
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We need to take initiative to help every underprivileged child in bringing out their creative sid
 Govtify helps interested NGOs and social businesses apply to Government funds/grants/loans for s
The Fabric Social is a conscious clothing label with one important difference.
Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.
Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.
If a student study a subject during his/her college years which industries require these days, th
Pasand is a social enterprise that educates adolescents on personal health and wellness.
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This project promises 100% literacy & quality education worldwide.
A mobile phone-based service that helps job seekers in India access life-changing information abo
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They come in all shapes and sizes. They are confused and dazed when they come.
Trust+is an healthcare oriented educational mobile app.Trust + brings parents and kids toge
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Interreligious Harmony In Action.
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There was a 336 per cent increase in child rape cases in the country between 2001 and 2013.Many
Every growing city has its share of marginalized communities with lack of access to healthcare an
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Mycitizen.net is a free open source platform for local communities to support citizen engagement.
A website named mopt.in this there will be a news paper which will be published daily.user gets
A web platform to aggregate & highlight news on a case by case basis, specifically those that
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Ayurveda could, if explored in its full potential with wide spread awareness about living healthy