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The unique concept of this charity, which will support a „good thing“ and gives a chance to exper
We establish a social company, which make fresh pasta, with a high content of eggs, which we deli
The mission of the project is due to counselling, consultation and educational programs to suppor
“Every person, every society, every nation has a part to play in building a peaceful and prospero
Project aims to employ homeless people in fire wood business.
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Emirati women account for less than 5% of the private-sector workforce, partly due to a lack of f
Helping schools to become entrepreneurial - to generate profit, invest in innovation and develop
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Khalifa Fund (KF) promotes an entrepreneurship culture amongst UAE Nationals,who desire to start
Project is based on social, economic and technical synergy.
The aim of the project is to help health impaired people to orientate in the real world; get to f
Gradberry.com is a careers and courses hybrid platform, where the youth can learn marketable skil
WAIN is the first women’s angel investor group in the Middle East.
The LINK empowers women through co-learning and self-development; growing today's talent pool int