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Ecofirm is created to raise funds for reforestation projects worldwide.
Zerobarracento aims to bring pollution, waste and emissions to zero and transparency, quality and
Today the fashion industry is imposing a system of environmental and labor exploitation to increa
Plain Ink creates engaging comics, imagery and stories to communicate public health and other vit
CANGIARI® garments are made of hand-loom fabrics, reproposing the heritage of Calabrian hand wove
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Women in Turkey get empowered to create new and exciting business opportunities to improve their
To be helpful is one of the basic man’s needs, like being listened to and loved.It's on these ke
The vision of the project is to improve psychiatric patients’ life by offering them a training pr
Impaired people are seen as individuals who need health care, special treatment, assistance and s
The idea on which the Project "Made in Napoli, neapolitan excellences for the Excellence" is base
The project aims to create a social infrastructure, the Waste Fab Lab, to be implemented in the u
The centre would aim at opening to partially or not self-sufficient people, as well as to inter-