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Rural Young People Talent Grow Project (RTG-Project) For Young people between the age of 12 &
We are growing a community of social entrepreneurs.
SAMPLER is created to form a centralized sytem that networks every one who wants to be part of th
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The campaign launch will lay the foundation for managing urban housing and real estate in Nigeria
Agro-Solute is a platform that would revitalize the agro sector, It provide farmers (rural &
Funds contributed by students while in school to various business cooperatives as shareholders, u
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The project focus on digitizing clinical record and operations.
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Connected –Hub is the new hope of social innovators whose ideas are creating visible solutions to
HealthNob is an online platform that will enable better treatment decisions &ultimately help
T4Girls provides computer programming workshop, networking, entrepreneurship and personal develop
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This innovation bridges gap between health professionals and patients seeking first hand solution
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When cyclists meet urban gardening, when hackers collaborate with artists, when photographers sha
Nutrition is the community matter.
Brotliebling is a social start-up from Berlin.
knowable.org is a social network for makers with a mission.
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We are furniture making service provider and project management,for furniture interior designer.w
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Girls startup clinic is an online portal and innovation centre for girls/women who want to startu
Netzwerk für Muslime in Deutschland, besonders in Berlin.