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We fed cows with feces of silkworm and we got higher quality milk from cows.
The Petersen Group embodies the great effort Bob Petersen put in building this firm, and because
Lone Koldby is humanizing long-term care for the elderly in Norway by placing activity and social
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Eddi Eidsvåg is helping troubled youth (“pøbel” In Norwegian) who are ill-equipped for successful
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Kjartan Eide is shifting the norms in classrooms across Scandinavia to unleash the active, playfu
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Heidi is shifting social responses to dementia so that the person with the diagnosis is the focal
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Internationally, Norway has an image as a nation with few problems—a treasured identity.
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Link Your Purpose (LYP) is an innovative social enterprise.
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Catama Borneo work with indigenous communities to develop contemporary craft designs using tradit
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Our solution is moving advanced scientific methods from the lab-bench directly to the crops in or
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FoodNinja envision zero food waste environment by providing solutions via different channels to o
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The Batik Boutique is a social enterprise that equips vulnerable women with a sustainable income
Thirty years ago mongoloide people were hidden in institutions, even in Europe.
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We are environmentalists, offering innovative clean technology to convert efficiently bio-solid w
Now that we are nearing the second half of the year and spent the first half working hard, it may
Online casinos for real money donate a part of the funds to human rights organizations
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The HeadStart Business Accelerator and Coworking space aims to raise the success rates of startup
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This is a volunteer program to build edible gardens for urban poor communities.