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Twenty years of brutal conflict has rendered Liberia nearly the poorest country on earth.
To ensure youngsters from South African townships of a healthy future, community workers are trai
MiiHealth aims to enhance patient safety principally by transforming infection prevention and con
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The Think Train is an international high-speed problem solving train, with the goal of making a s
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Nursing for All's flagship program, the Nurse-lead Public Health Initiative Program, has seven pr
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Our project focuses on utilizing anaerobic biogas digestion technology to provide an accessible,
We tend to hand over our power to experts, especially in health.
What can mobile technology do for health, education and economic development?
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Learning about Living is a transmedia (eLearning, radio and mobile) life skills program which emp
Meeting the Need: Training of Healthcare Workers in Rural Communities
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To see African Youth being inspired by our vision with some responsibilities that will lead to a
We develop and implement new strategies to reduce poverty, promote education, and increase jobs i
La cogestión se refiere a los acuerdos en los que los pastores garantizan el acceso y comparten l
A co-gestão refere-se ao regime em que os pastores garantem o acesso e compartilham a responsabil
Co-management refers to arrangements in which herders secure access to and share responsibility a
Poverty is acute among the women population in rural Liberia.
If patients are able to self diagnose their own bloodcounts (like diabetes patients do )and score
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Bees for Hope’s is a social entrepreneur program in rural Liberia that help local farmers generat
Soap4Life is an educational project.