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Senior's are isolated and disconnected from their communities.
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Our goal is to provide tailored training programs, public engagement toolkits and best practices
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Breaking the Ciscentric Ceiling: Trans Employment Project aims to reduce barriers to employment f
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Car Free Day brings neighbours, arts, and local business together for community street festivals
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Equipping overwhelmed nonprofit executive directors with the skills and support they need to enjo
We will create a more vibrant democracy and improve outcomes for BC communities by creating a non
Integrating hospice with a centre for dialog & education will evolve new relationships to liv
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We are building a website that polls people about their positions on local issues in order to get
Our solution is to demythologize mental illness and addictions, returning their expressions and r
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Made in Montreal is an advocacy planning firm working to promote local manufacturing and consumpt
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We have developed a "Community Action Plan on Poverty" that identifies 10 key areas of work that
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PlaceSpeak is an innovative location-based public consultation platform designed to support evide
In May of 2010, Free Anthropology offered its first university level course, entitled "Anthropolo
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Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s mission is to help people with cystic fibrosis (CF).
We're asking Canadians to make the switch from Big Telecom to small/indie/local media & creat
Create an online space to connect groups (church groups, senior groups, students, neighbors, etc.