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We have invented a device that can monitor a bicycle wheel's rotation and award points to a
Mobilized Construction maintains dirt roads in rural communities in Uganda .
Road maintenance and construction micro-enterprise has two components, 1.
SUSTAIN LOCAL SOLUTIONS - AMERICAS (“SLS”) offers the humanitarian aid sector a comprehensive sup
Fact: 1 in 6 Americans, including 17 million children, go to bed hungry each night.
The organization that we propose looks to pioneer a new model for road development within poor de
The PackH2O water backpack is the lowest cost, ergonomically correct way to manually transport an
I plan on helping kids with Sickle Cell Disease by creating gift baskets for thses kids.
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Bikes for San Francisco Youth provides technical, financial, and material support to youth bike p
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Yes Liberia seeks to undertake technical innovation designed to elevate the agricultural experien
Move For Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with relocation companies across the coun
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In today’s global market, places are commodities; cities must meet consumers’–individual and firm
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The Matternet-- a network of affordable autonomous aerial vehicles-- aims to disrupt and revoluti
I propose a replicable model based on the success of our Museum's "SOAR for Science" program.
There is a growing need for sustainable models of urban housing that are affordable and attractiv
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We are building networks of engaged citizens who will shape the future of their communities by ad
CAPA is developing a model to improve pedestrian safety along a city’s dangerous “main stree